Learn mental and technical tips and tricks on how to work on legacy/old project


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Is This ​e-book For You?

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    Are you working on some old legacy project?
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    Are you working on project that has little or no tests?
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    Does your application break a lot?
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    Is your boss expert beginner?
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    Do you want to learn how to refactor code the right way?
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    Does your boss think writing tests or refactoring isn't important?
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    Are you beginning to lose motivation and feeling demoralized?
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    Is your productivity suffering because of poor code standards?

If you answered YES on any of these questions then this is eBook for you.

What Is In This ​e-book?

Soft Skills


In this section book talks about how to prepare mentally for challenges that legacy project brings, but also it is teaching you how to talk to your bosses, set some boundaries, staying healthy and much more.

Code Smells


In Code Smells section book talks about anti-patterns you can recognize that will need to be refactored or overwritten entirely depending on situation.



This is where I write about refactoring techniques that you can use to improve existing code and add tests to code that is badly written and structured.



In the last section I am talking about things you can do, so that you never create another legacy project. It includes TDD, BDD, XP and importance of Domain Driven Design.

Real World Code


This book is not just talk, I firmly believe that people learn best by example, that's why technical parts of the book are heavy on code examples from real projects that are out there in production.

Personal Stories


Stories from my professional career, working on multiple legacy projects, that will correlate to some of you, and to the others show in close what kind of a mess legacy projects can be.

About The Author

Anel Bejtović from website housefrommars.com is 30 year old software developer from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, currently working and living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

He has over 9 years of experience in working with legacy projects and has made every single mistake one can possible make in those years. So now he is determined to help others not go through his mistakes and teach them how to deal mentally and technically when project they have to work on is written badly, has no tests, has a lot of bugs, but is earning a lot of money for the company and can not be easily rewritten or refactored.

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